Valentines gift ideas for HER

Whether you love it or hate can't avoid Valentines day! It's just around the corner now so it's time to start getting purchasing or planning whatever you are up to. First up, is the obvious...CHOCOLATE! Okay, we admit, some girls are more savoury than sweet but this adorable chocolate box will be a winner for most! Why not pop into town and head to Hotel Chocolate for some luxury delicious choccies for that lucky lady in your life! Next up? For the jewellery lover! As women, we love thoughtful gifts. We found this gem on Oliver Bonas and think it's a cute mix of Valentines and also practical! Designed to hold the jewellery pieces you love, this brass jewellery stand is formed in the

Do I Need a Morning Skin Care Routine?

The simple answer, yes. You should always have a skin care routine, no matter how small, to ensure that you are removing the accumulation of oils throughout the night as well as residue of the creams you applied. Without properly cleaning your face, this could cause build up which, in effect could cause breakouts and acne. Of course this all depends on the skin type you have. It is all about being aware of the products you are using on the skin type you have. So do your research. An easy starting point would to find a cleaner, a toner, a day moisturiser (with SPF in) and a night moisturiser. Remember, just because one product is good for one person, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. If you ha

What is the difference between LVL and Semi permanent lashes?

Whether you’re one for the dramatic fluttery eye lashes or one who just likes a bit of mascara. We have your eyes covered all year round. LVL – This is a lengthening, volumizing, lifting treatment. Almost like a perming system this treatment creates brighter eyes that help curl the lashes. Particularly, people with downward facing lashes or just stubborn straight lashes love this treatment as they’re shocked at how well it can work at bringing your face to ‘life’. These are perfect for the people who can’t be bothered with the keep up of semi-permanents as LVL begin to lose their curl around 6-8 weeks or when you lash cycle starts over again (lashes naturally fall out within a 6-8 week cycl

What Is Hot Wax?

The best question you have ever asked. Hot wax is a game changer when it comes to waxing. So many people have converted over the years in Urban Calm from strip wax to hot wax. Now if you’re not an avid waxer you may be confused as to what this whole blog post is. Don’t worry we’ll bring you up to speed. Whether it’s an underarm wax or a Hollywood wax, it can be a stressful and painful experience and we at Urban Calm understand its hard being groomed and glamorous. Firstly, what is the difference between strip wax and hot wax? Well hot wax is used without the strip, the wax sets and grips to hairs as small as 1 millimetre so virtually every hair is gone. They put the wax on in patches dependi

How to: Take Care Of Semi-Permanent Lashes

Here are a few steps you can do to ensure your lashes stay fresher for longer. Avoid water. We know... You're constantly told water is the holy grail, well that may be the case in most areas but the eyes it's a no go. Ensuring you keep your lashes out of water, steam and sweat for at least 24 hours after your lash application is what keeps them looking brand new for up to 2 weeks before you need a top up. Oil Free Cleanser. Invest in oil free cleanser or make up remover as soon as you invest in your lashes. Oil can cause the glue to separate and the lashes to fall out. There are lots of oil free products on the market these days so you will be able to find them in most supermarkets and drugs

What are the benefits of a CO2 Carbon Facial?

Our newest skin treatment contains Carboxy Gel is efficient, effective, and the treatment requires no equipment. What is Carboxy Gel & how does it work? Carboxy gel is a natural way of excreting waste matter from the skin and providing nutrients and oxygen to feed, nourish regenerate and balance. By increasing the Co2 concentration within the skin it naturally leads to a decrease in pH which will result in the release of oxygen. The Riox carboxy therapy facial improves skin oxygenation immediately following treatment, which in effect results in an artificial Bohr effect (speeding up of cell regeneration - basically, helping make us look younger) What can I expect? Will it work for me? This

What is the difference between Classic lashes & Russian?

Picking the perfect semi-permeant lashes can be tricky, especially when different lashes give off different effects. Unlike old school techniques, the semi-permanent lash isn’t attached to your eyelid but each individual lash. Let’s get back to the basics. Classic Lashes! – Classic lashes are just that, classic. The process includes adding one semi-permanent lash to one natural lash. These are a more natural look however we can tailor the length and width of the lash to how you would like. A typical classic lashes set would vary from 40 extensions up to 150 depending on the clients lash count. Volume Lashes!– Well we think the name speaks for itself. These lashes are for the girls who have n

How to: properly remove Acrylic nails

There is stigma around acrylic nails and how they ruin your natural nail. Although this may seem to be true it comes down to a lot of factors. The first being making sure your nail take is professional and applies in the correct way. Incorrect nail application can cause your nails to become damaged in the long run. After care is super important in maintaining your natural nails strength and the skin around it. Ensure you use oils to add moisture to the surrounding area as well as allowing them to absorb all the nutrients into the nails. Removal – this is the main reason your nails may weaken and break. Incorrect removal is the number one motive people believe acrylic nails can ruin your nail

How often should I wash my hair?

Everyday? Once a week? Once every two weeks?? It can be hard deciding how often you should wash your hair and an even bigger nuisance washing it. Going from ‘I want my hair to be in the best possible shape’ to ‘I don’t want my hair to look greasy’ – we have all been there. Let us break it down for you. Decide your hair type. Is your hair thin? Fine? Thick? Usually fine hair can show appearances of oil, whereas thicker hair can tend to be dry and produces less oil less often. ‘There really is no hard or fast rule to how many times you should wash your hair – you know that old wives tale about the hair not being washed and it self-cleans? Well, it’s kind of true, however your lifestyle choice

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