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Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or an in-depth skin treatment, our Dermalogica skin treatments are completely tailored to your skin's needs.

Redefining the ‘spa facial’, We have chosen Dermalogica as our weapon of choice to create bespoke results driven skin treatments leaving your skin to feel it’s brightest and healthiest. 


A complimentary service we offer to help you realise your skin goals and concerns, and find products that will truly work for you. You will be able to get hands on with products and take a prescription routine away with you for home use or book in for the skin treatment we think fits best with your needs.



30 MINUTES 30.00

Our Illumination Mask has the technology to treat a variety of skincare concerns with its non-invasive nature to give you better skin from within.

  • Accelerates cellular renewal 

  • Prevents ageing

  • Treats pigmentation 

  • Reduces breakouts

  • Smoothes irritate and redness

  • Minimises free lines and wrinkles

*Treatment includes skin consultation, changing and setup time


In each of our skin treatments we include electronic technology  to push products deeper through the skin’s surface to improve ingredient absorption and moisture retention and accelerate results.



30 MINS 30.00

The perfect facial for the time compressed, this mini treatment will refresh the skin with aromatic blends of Eve Taylor products that will be prescribed to your skins needs


The treatment of choice for so many celebrities - offering a safe and controlled method of skin resurfacing. An effective and progressive solution to wrinkles, open pores, pigmentation, blackheads, acne scars and much more.

Crystal Clear Beauty Flash  15 MINS 25.00

Crystal Clear Beauty Flash and Correction 30 MINS 30.00

Crystal Clear Deluxe Facial  60 MINS 42.50

*Treatment includes skin consultation, changing and setup time



60 MINS 40.00

A tailored facial to achieve the best skin results possible.

Using Eve Taylor Aromatherapy products, skin will be left replenished, hydrated and protected

*Treatment includes skin consultation, changing and setup time


75 MINS 50.00

Taking skin care one step further this treatment uses intensive exfoliates to resurface the skin

leaving it soft and smooth. Customised, speciality masques are used to achieve intensive results leaving you with glowing skin.

*Treatment includes skin consultation, changing and setup time


30 MINS 65.00

This treatment causes a chemical reaction that helps to remove unwanted toxins from the skin whilst at the same time increasing skin nutrition. The active ingredients will improve skin elasticity, strengthening skin pores, resulting in a reduction of size over a course of treatments. Expression lines will be reduced, the skin will feel firmer and look more radiant as skin tone is balanced. 



60 MINS 75.00

Cell turnover slows dramatically as we age – and as this happens, it affects the skin’s appearance and texture in a variety of ways. While proven to be one of the most effective ways to address these changes, chemical peels aren’t a one-size-fits-all treatment. With this in mind, we’re excited to introduce the fully customisable and ultra-potent Pro Power Peel treatments.

Why get a Pro Power Peel

* Ideal for fine lines, acne, hyperpigmentation and more
* Fully customisable and layerable to target more skin concerns
* Quick results & minimal downtime.

* Price includes aftercare kit

*All peels require a patch at least 24 hours prior to your booking

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