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Breakout Clearing Kit - Teenage skin!

Breakouts are a major issue for most teenagers, it not only effects your skin but it has a huge impact on your confidence too. Say hello to Clear Start, a serious skin care line created by Dermalogica, specifically designed for break-out prone teenage skin. Clear Start works with a four level approach; Removing impaction plugs, killing bacteria, controlling excess sebum and reducing inflammation.

The Breakout Clearing Kit is the perfect skin range for teens and young adults dealing with problematic skin. It helps prevent and treat symptoms of mild to moderate acne. There are 5 products in this travel friendly kit which is perfect if you're wanting to try the products out or if you're on-the-go.

The products work together harmoniously to clear up acne and interrupt the triggers that cause it. They help clarify the skin for a smoother complexion with less breakouts, whilst nourishing the skin with moisture and nutrients for a more balanced, healthier complexion.

The Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash clears away the dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils which helps unclog pores and control oil shine.

The Breakout Clearing All Over Toner mist refreshes the skin, clearing breakouts whilst soothing and reviving irritated skin.

Breakout Clearing Daytime Treatment is a powerful treatment that wipes out breakouts before they emerge.

Oil Clearing Matte Moisturiser is an ultra-light matte finish moisturiser that provides all day oil and shine control whilst protecting your skin from the city life pollution with the added SPF15.

The Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment is a fast absorbing gel that works all night to clear breakouts while you sleep.

All Dermalogica products are available in store.


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