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It’s that time of the month!

It’s finally spring and as the weather gets hotter, the suns out longer and you can finally take off that big coat you got for blizzard weather. You need something to let your skin finally breathe, “Your skin but better” springs to mind (excuse the pun).The Dermalogica Lightly-Tinted SPF Moisturiser acts like a light weight foundation, enabling you to use it as your moisturiser, SPF, and foundation all in one.

Wether you're in work, by the pool or at the beach, it protects your skin whilst enhancing your natural beauty. Allowing your skin to still shine through whilst covering pigmentation and spots. The antioxidants in the moisturiser help improve skin texture whilst reducing the appearance of the fine dehydrated line. Isn’t it obvious why we love this moisturiser?

Available in light, medium and dark skin tone shades.

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