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How often should I wash my hair?

Everyday? Once a week? Once every two weeks??


It can be hard deciding how often you should wash your hair and an even bigger nuisance washing it. Going from ‘I want my hair to be in the best possible shape’ to ‘I don’t want my hair to look greasy’ – we have all been there. Let us break it down for you.

Decide your hair type. Is your hair thin? Fine? Thick? Usually fine hair can show appearances of oil, whereas thicker hair can tend to be dry and produces less oil less often.

‘There really is no hard or fast rule to how many times you should wash your hair – you know that old wives tale about the hair not being washed and it self-cleans? Well, it’s kind of true, however your lifestyle choice and environment has a big part to play,’ Paul Edmonds says. Read more at here

Although regularly exercising, swimming or living in a highly polluted city can affect how your hair reacts, it can also be down to the products you use. Using rich shampoos if you have fine hair tends to heavily weigh your hair down and over-condition an already oily scalp. Shop around, read reviews and really research what products are good for your hair type, these all help with the longevity of your clean hair.

Although we have given you some tips, it is entirely down to you and your preferences. Some people try to go as long as possible and use lots of dry shampoo as washing their hair is time wasting for them. Others wash their hair everyday as they love the smell it leaves.

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