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How to: properly remove Acrylic nails

There is stigma around acrylic nails and how they ruin your natural nail. Although this may seem to be true it comes down to a lot of factors.


The first being making sure your nail take is professional and applies in the correct way. Incorrect nail application can cause your nails to become damaged in the long run.

After care is super important in maintaining your natural nails strength and the skin around it. Ensure you use oils to add moisture to the surrounding area as well as allowing them to absorb all the nutrients into the nails.

Removal – this is the main reason your nails may weaken and break. Incorrect removal is the number one motive people believe acrylic nails can ruin your nails. We would advise seeking professional help, when removing your false nails, however if you want to do this at home you will need a few things such as acetone, nail vile etc. Please just be super gentle as filing too far down could cause you to file your natural nail too.

Another factor is if your nails are weak before acrylics likelihood is they aren’t going to be any stronger after. However, there are lots of nail treatments you can purchase now from drugstores that can help improve their strength.

Let us know if you have any tips on how to look after nails down in the comments!

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