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What is the difference between Classic lashes & Russian?

Picking the perfect semi-permeant lashes can be tricky, especially when different lashes give off different effects. Unlike old school techniques, the semi-permanent lash isn’t attached to your eyelid but each individual lash. Let’s get back to the basics.


Classic Lashes! – Classic lashes are just that, classic. The process includes adding one semi-permanent lash to one natural lash. These are a more natural look however we can tailor the length and width of the lash to how you would like. A typical classic lashes set would vary from 40 extensions up to 150 depending on the clients lash count.

Volume Lashes!– Well we think the name speaks for itself. These lashes are for the girls who have no limits. 3 semi-permanent lashes are clustered together and glued to one natural lash to create the fluttery dramatic lashes.

Now although all of this information is true, this may vary depending on lots of different factors including age, eye shape as well as what your lash thinks it’s best for you and your lashes.

For info on how to take care of your lashes, we posted lash week the best 3 steps on ensuring you lashes last as long as possible.

Let us know what lashes you think you'd like to try in the comments below!

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