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What is the difference between LVL and Semi permanent lashes?


Whether you’re one for the dramatic fluttery eye lashes or one who just likes a bit of mascara. We have your eyes covered all year round.

LVL – This is a lengthening, volumizing, lifting treatment. Almost like a perming system this treatment creates brighter eyes that help curl the lashes. Particularly, people with downward facing lashes or just stubborn straight lashes love this treatment as they’re shocked at how well it can work at bringing your face to ‘life’. These are perfect for the people who can’t be bothered with the keep up of semi-permanents as LVL begin to lose their curl around 6-8 weeks or when you lash cycle starts over again (lashes naturally fall out within a 6-8 week cycle).

Semi-permanent lashes – These are for the people who are of putting on strip lashes for every occasion. There is nothing worse than finishing the perfect smokey eye and they are smudging everything because your lashes won’t stick. However, as the name suggests these are semi-permanent, so they do begin to fall out after about 2-3 weeks so do require top ups every couple of weeks. For more info on how to take care of your lashes we posted about them a couple of weeks ago on our blog.

What lashes do you think you’re more suited to? Let us know in the comments below!

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