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Do I Need a Morning Skin Care Routine?

The simple answer, yes. You should always have a skin care routine,


no matter how small, to ensure that you are removing the accumulation of oils throughout the night as well as residue of the creams you applied. Without properly cleaning your face, this could cause build up which, in effect could cause breakouts and acne.

Of course this all depends on the skin type you have. It is all about being aware of the products you are using on the skin type you have. So do your research. An easy starting point would to find a cleaner, a toner, a day moisturiser (with SPF in) and a night moisturiser.

Remember, just because one product is good for one person, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. If you have sensitive skin, use products that will work well with you. If you feel that your skin feels tight after toning, find a product that is for sensitive skin. Your skin shouldn’t feel hot, tight or sore from the products you use.

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