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Your Skin Care Questions - Answered

Let's get down to the bottom of the skin care problems! Firstly, back acne...


How do you get rid of back acne?

Back acne is a common struggle for adults. Exercising, not drying your back properly after a shower and just general build-up of cells on the skin. 60% of adults get back acne as well as chest acne. At Urban Calm we actually offer ‘Back Facials’ using Dermalogica products. We cleanse, exfoliate, massage, tone and moisturise the skin using the best products suitable for your issue. We also offer free skin mapping in both salons.

How to get rid of acne scarring?

Acne can be tough to get rid of, yet once it’s gone, you can be left with scars. There are lots of products out there that claim to help prevent the problem but not solve it. Getting regular facials as well as a regular skin care routine – including exfoliating weekly – can definitely help to reduce appearance on the spots.

How many times a day should I clean my face?

Having a regular cleansing routine is important in keeping your skin as clean as possible. Although the products you use can be specific to your skin type it is important you clean your face day and night so that you can clean the dirt.

Should I pop my spots?

Definitely not. Popping your spots can lead to redness and irritation – as well as some cases causing scarring.

Are toners important in skin care?

There are dermatologists who believe that toner isn’t a necessity when it comes to a skin care routine. The main purpose of toner is to remove the remnants of make up or cleansers used to clean the face. However, if you have dry or sensitive skin this step may be too drying or harsh to your skin, so stick to cold water to help close your pores up.

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